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Doug McCormick

Dec 1 – Jan 31 (DM Internship) 

My name is Douq McCormick from Sugar Land, TX. I recently retired after a 39 year career in the shipping business, starting as as a deck officer aboard ocean-going tankers followed by management career ashore. My wife of 39 years and I have two adult children and we enjoy coastal cruising on our sailboat in retirement. Completing the Divemaster training in Cozumel will add a new dimension to our post-retirement lifestyle on the water as well as making me a better diver. I look forward to working with everyone at Cozumel Dive School.

Darweesh Al Qubaisi

Dec 5 – Jan 20 (DM Internship)
Hello everyone! My name is Darweesh but people generally call me D 🙂
I’m an ’88 child which makes me 29 this year! I was born and raised in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). I went to an American primary school and a British high school where I had the privelage of meeting people from many different countries and backgrounds. Since then I’ve spent 5 years in Melbourne Australia doing my undergrad and postgrad, and now work in project finance. I recently got a 7 month sabbatical which is allowing me to travel the Americas ❤. Diving is one of my main passions, and I can’t wait to do my dive masters course in Cozumel, and make some great friends on the way 🙂.

Glenna Rogers

Dec 15 – Feb 2 (DM Internship & Instructor Development Course)

My name is Glenna, from Dallas Texas. My work background is in the medical field. I am an outdoor person, interested in all sports but my first love is the water, and have wanted to dive my entire life. Several years ago I did my first discovery dive in Hawaii and I have been hooked ever since. I have had the opportunity to dive in many areas of the Caribbean and Florida .My personal goal is to to be an instructor so I can teach others to experience this exciting sport , especially those who may be intimidated by the water so they too can explore our oceans and gain knowledge of the wonder of the sea and its inhabitants and encourage others to also, follow the fish!

Abdulrahman Jilani

Dec 19 – Jan 22 (DM Internship)

Name: AJ,  I was born and raised right on the RED SEA in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I’m an Engineer and right now doing my masters in Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of Maryland. I’ve been scuba diving for about two years, I dove in Costa Rica, Florida Keys and of-course the Red Sea. I’m also an SSI Freediver. Looking forward to dive in Cozumel and start my professional diving career.

Xavier Morel

Jan 12 – Feb 27 (DM Internship)

Hello everybody ! I’m Xavier, 26 years old, finishing my general practitioner studies in Paris. Diving since 2014, had the chance to ba able to travel a lot, I would like to improve this skills with the dive master course and get specialize into dive medecine easier then. I took 6 months off to complet the dive master course and also to spread my art the most that i can (yes, different univers at the same time…).
I’m very curious about Mexico and of course about the seabed overthere ! Let’s get inspiration and share lots of great time under water

Casey Flower  

Jan 15 – Feb 28 (DM Internship)

Hello everyone! My name is Casey, I’m a light-hearted 26 year old who grew up on the Mississippi River, in a small town in Wisconsin. I love singing, making people laugh, conversing with animals, and getting into deep conversations. My favorite activities are traveling, boating, and anything water related. I got my open water certification in Monterrey, California and instantly fell in love with diving. My girlfriend Katie and I shared the same interest in getting our Divemaster certification to explore the sport further and dive around the world. Looking forward to what the future has in store for us in Cozumel!

Katie Martner  

Jan 15 – Feb 28 (DM Internship)

Hello everyone! I’m Katie, born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I grew up boating on lakes and rivers, and loved being in the water. Throughout my travels I enjoyed snorkeling and discovering more of the ocean, and the thought of being able to stay in the water longer and explore more had me considering trying scuba diving. On my first date with Casey, we shared stories of our travels and he mentioned he had his Scuba Open Water Certification, which is something I have always wanted to do but never had pulled the trigger. A few weeks later, I completed the course and instantly fell in love with scuba diving and the world of possibilities it opened! We started dreaming about the life we could have traveling the world and diving, and six months later we quit our jobs and bought our one way plane ticket. I am really looking forward to learning more about diving and spending time underwater. Can’t wait for this adventure to start!

Eddie Villa  

Jan 15 – Feb 15 (DM Internship)

My name is Eddie. Originally from TX but currently reside in Colorado Springs. I recently retired from the Navy, a 23-year career in Communications and IT. I started diving in 2013 during a deployment to the Middle East and found it challenging and exciting. But it wasn’t until I had the pleasure of diving in Cozumel that the love of underwater expanse really kicked in. So, I decided to start a new career where it doesn’t involve sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a day. I have three kiddos, one of which is dying to go diving with me as soon as she gets her Open Water Cert. One proud Papa here. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with new extraordinary people that share the love of our Ocean’s wonderland.

Samantha White

Jan 15 – Feb 15 (DM Internship)

Hi, my name is Sammy, I’m 33 years old and currently live in the Isle of Man, a beautiful Island roughly the same size as Cozumel, famous for the TT races. I’ve been diving on and off for 14 years now, mainly on holiday as the water is freezing where I live! I’m doing my Divemaster with the view to maybe working abroad one day. I love to travel and being in the water, so to combine the two would be amazing but even if that doesn’t happen I know it will still be a fantastic experience. I look forward to meeting everyone in January!

Rob Cuomo

Jan 17 – Feb 1 (Instructor Development Course)

Hello everyone, my name is Rob Cuomo.  I am fifty four years old and live in Incline Village, Nevada.  After graduating from Western Washington University in 1986, I spent the next thirty years in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.  I was a commercial diver until 1990. After that I had a twenty six year career as an Estate Manager.  I have two wonderful children and an amazing girlfriend.   I am so excited to become a Divemaster.  I have always felt at home on and under the water.  I have heard great things about this program and Cozumel.  I look forward to meet my fellow interns.  See you in October!!

Anne Holland

Jan 17 – Feb 1 (Instructor Development Course)

My name is Anne Holland, I’m 21 and from a small town in the US Midwest. From working lakeside at a marina for four years to travels along the oceans, my passion for marine life grows. My love for scuba begun from my very first dive. I studied engineering for two years but have decided to take my career where my heart is. I’m excited to meet some incredible people and start my professional diving journey.

Greg Truchanowicz

Jan 26 – Feb 22 (OW, AOW, EFR, Rescue)

Greg Truchanowicz (OW, AOW, EFR, Rescue) Hello my name’s Greg, a recently retired 40 something who fell in love on the Oregon coast just before Halloween. We chose costumes based on our perception of ourselves: I a martial artist; she an able woman of strength.. I grew up fishing Lake Erie but my only experiences with the ocean were swimming in 4 foot waves without a life preserver (don’t) and shoving seaweed aside while washing my hands over the side of a boat (manowar tentacles, don’t). I choose diving both for refuge from the chaos above water and because nearly every destination on my bucket list boasts beautiful experiences under water. I signed up for one month of lessons but I need 90 dives for my next trip. Cozumel Dive school has been very helpful answering all my questions and simplifying the process. I have a feeling I’ll be sticking around a while!

Zachary Dixon 

Feb 1 – Feb 28 (DM Internship)

Hey guys my name is Zach Dixon. I’m 22 years old and I live in the Florida panhandle. I’ve been diving for 4 years now and have spent 3 of them working as a Snuba guide during the summertime in Destin, FL. I’m super stoked to dive in Cozumel since I haven’t really been diving anywhere aside from the North West Florida area. I can’t wait to meet and train with other people that enjoy diving as much as I do. I’m going to use this opportunity to see if I want to pursue a career in the dive industry too.

Melanie Coutant 

Feb 1 – Feb 28 (DM Internship)

Hello everyone, my name is Melanie Coutant. I ‘m 39 years old and I live in Paris, France. I spent the last 15 years working hard ( too hard) in digital and customer marketing for great retailers as Galeries Lafayette. My life is nice, confortable, full of theater, cinema and great friends but I could feel that something is missing deeper inside me. I discovered diving 6 years ago and the more I dived the more I wanted to dive. I always felt that I belong to that place , here underwater. So one day, I decided to follow my instinct and quit my job to become a professional diver. So here I am in Cozumel because I heard great things about it. A new life begins…

Meggie McCormick  

Feb 1 – Feb 28 (DM Internship)

Hello everyone my name is Meggie McCormick. I am a recent graduate from the University of West Florida in the city of Pensacola, Florida. I grew up in a military family but we eventually settled down in a little town called Niceville, Florida. Ive always had a love for the water with 10 years of being on swim team, lifeguarding, teaching swim lessons, and for the past two years working at a snorkel company. I began diving about three years ago and I can’t wait to see all the wonderful diving Cozumel has to offer and expand my skills as a diver!

Andrea Thibault 

Feb 1 – April 6 (DM Internship & Assistant Instructor)

My name is Andréa Thibault, I’m twenty nine years old and live in Sweden. Since I was a kid I dreamt of becoming a diver, and that was all I wished for my 10th birthday. I didn’t get it. And then life went on and it was not until 2016 in Thailand that I tried it for the first time. I knew before I got in the water that I would love it, what I didn’t know was that it would feel so fulfilling. I got hooked and have dived every opportunity since. I’m now in a place where I’m wondering about how to organize my life to live to the fullest, not sitting in front of the computer 8 hours a day. And diving as must as possible is one thing I think would make me a happier and better person. That’s why I’m so excited to become a divemaster in Cozumel and to meet other people who share that passion for diving.

Erik Hansen

Feb 15 – March 30 (DM Internship & Assistant Instructor) 

AI Hi, my name is Erik and I am really looking forward to diving in Cozumel with people who love diving as much as I do. Living in Northern California, most of my diving experiences has been in the cool waters of the Pacific. In the past few years, I have also done a lot of free diving and spear fishing in California and Hawaii. This summer I worked as a deckhand on a live aboard dive boat out of Santa Barbara. I learned a ton about diving and how to support and make other experiences in the water the best it can be. I am excited about making some new friends and becoming a Divemaster.

Hailey Triplett

Mar 1 – Mar 31 (DM Internship)

All my life I’ve wanted nothing more than to be near the water. After seeing manatees in Florida at 4 years old, I decided that I was going to become a marine biologist and live my life by the sea. Nineteen years later, I graduated from Texas A&M University at Galveston with a marine biology degree and a minor in diving technology and methods. Over the past four years I have received many certifications, including AAUS Scientific Divers cert and cavern diver cert. With each new diving adventure my admiration for the ocean continues to grow. My next step is to become a PADI Divemaster and eventually an instructor. We live in a world where many people fear the ocean. I’m hoping that with these certifications I’ll be able to show people that the ocean is not to be feared, but to be admired and protected. I can’t wait to begin these new adventures in Cozumel!

Emily Jose

Mar 1 – Apr 15 (DM Internship)

Hi everyone! I’m Emily, 24 years old, and from the UK. I have a Bachelors in Zoology and recently graduated with a Masters in Conservation and Biodiversity, so now is a great time for my next adventure. I have always loved the ocean, learning to dive in the Philippines so I could help collect survey data of coral reefs which was used to inform local MPA designation. I hope that I can use my new diving skills to share my love of the ocean with other people through eco-friendly diving, and make a personal contribution to marine conservation through surveys and research. I enjoy travelling and have been lucky to visit many beautiful places, one of my favorites being the Galapagos. My hobbies include hiking, volleyball, horse riding, and of course, diving. I can’t wait to make new friends, advance my diving, and see the wildlife Cozumel has to offer!

Nicola Mason

Mar 1 – Mar 31 (DM Internship)

Hi! I’m Nicola. I was a teacher in England for nearly 3 years before I decided to take a gap year of sorts. I left home nearly a year ago and have been traveling ever since. I did the usual route, Africa, SE Asia, Australia and NZ. I’m currently in the US but will be heading to Mexico in February and thought I’d love to continue my dive training and dive in an incredible place. I got qualified in Turkey when I was 14 and have done it casually since. That was until I spent a month diving in Raja Ampat, where I got hooked again! I’ve become somewhat of a environmentalist so I love learning how we can help our oceans and protect it from any further damage. I will also confess I’m on 95 dives at the moment! I’m Nicky Glynn on FB but everyone calls me Nicola so feel free to add me if you want to chat before we get there.

Scott Clark

Mar 1 – Mar 31 (DM Internship)

Hi! My name is Scott Clark, I am 56 years old and live in Phoenix Arizona. I got hooked on diving while on vacation in Hawaii in 1994. I am preparing for retirement from the.tech industry and have finally decided to take diving to the next level. Even though I live in the middle of a desert now I used to spend a lot of time on the water in Florida and the California Delta and have always had a passion for the water. I got married on a boat and my wife and I lived on boats for several years. I am very excited to join the rest of the interns on this educational journey

Mads Christian 

Mar 1 – May 3 (DM Internship & Instructor Development Course)

My name is Mads Christian but everybody just calls me MC. I’m 19 years old, born and raised in Denmark. I’ve just graduated high school which is why I see this as the perfect opportunity to live out my dream of becoming a PADI professional before is start University. Diving has been a great part of my life ever since I got the Open Water certificate at my 10th birthday. Since then I’ve been diving mostly in Asia and Egypt which is why I’m really excited to get to travel west instead of east for once. The water has always been appealing to me and I’ve been swimming since I could walk. I can’t wait to discover new diving adventures and getting loads of new friendships when my course starts in March.

Mark Wood-Collier

March 15 – April 15 (DM Internship)

Hi everyone, I’m Woody from Sydney, Australia. Born in Johannesburg, I started diving when I was 12 on South Africa’s east coast. I knew from this time diving was going to be a big part of my life. My family immigrated to Australia not long after, which meant I didn’t have to wait until school holidays to enjoy the beach and surf with mates. Other than the beach and diving, I love being active, travelling, photography and meeting new people. Last year my girlfriend (now fiancé!) and I quit our jobs and packed up our lives to travel the world. It has been an awesome adventure across nearly 20 countries. I am lucky to have dived around the world with my favourite places being the warm waters of the Cayman Islands (Caribbean), Gili Islands (Indonesia) and the Ningaloo reef (North Western Australia). I’m excited to add Cozumel to this list and look forward to meeting you all soon in divemaster training.

Curtis Mulkey 

March 15 – April 23 (DM Internship and Assistant Instructor)

Hi, I’m Curtis Mulkey and I live in Kings Beach at Lake Tahoe California. I started diving in 1994 in the Monterey CA area where I originally wanted to be a Divemaster. I moved the mountain community of Kings Beach in 1996, so the majority of my dives were either on vacations or fresh water lake dives. I’m currently employed as a Fire Captain with one of the local fire districts here in Lake Tahoe, and I decided that this would be the perfect time to finally complete my desire to become a certified Divemaster. I’m looking forward to learning new skills and being challenged, in addition to spending time in WARM water!

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